Uploading Player Registrations to the NSTC

This is a two step process, first is to clean up your data in WYS and download the CSV file.
The second is to use the eAYSO Offline application to upload this file to the NSTC.

Cleaning up the data

Registration > NSTC Upload > Data Check

This page will show you all the player records that do not have the mandatory fields that national requires. Each child has to have at least one parent listed and the child and each parent must have a first name, lastname, street, city, state, zip and phone. And in the case of a player there must be a birthday, emergency contact and emergency contact phone number.

You will notice on the data check page the emergency contact is not shown. This is because if the emergency contact or emergency contact phone are missing or malformed WYS will simply insert the primary parent's name and phone in this slot.

There are EDIT links beside the player and both parents. You can use this link to directly access the player or volunteer forms to correct data manually.

In the case of the parents that are two additional links, COPY and DEL. COPY will copy the player's street, city, state and zip to the parent. Only the phone is maintained. It is up to you if you want to take the time to call the parent and confirm they live with the player. If it appears the parent is missing, for example there is a last name but no first name, you might choose to simply delete the parent from the player's record with the DEL link.

Your region will probably have a large number of these records to correct. If you find that you have lots of records where you have a zip but no city that can be fixed in block. Just email your request to bob@webyouthsoccer.com.

Any record that appears on this page will not be part of the upload to the NSTC.

Creating your import file

Registration > NSTC Upload > Generate File

Pressing this link should cause the download of a file named PlayerTemplate.csv. The name of this file is apparently important, please do not change it. This file will be imported into eAYSO Offline without any further edits.

Uploading Data to the NSTC

Now this step deals with eAYSO Offline and I cannot guarantee it will always match these instructions. But as of today, 04-SEP-2008 and eAYSO Offline version 4.8.6 this is what you should see.

Frist download eAYSO Offline from www.eayso.org. You will have to login to do this.


First you need to download your region's data from eAYSO. If you try to skip this step the application fail and the error message will tell you to download.

You can download either the current season or the pervious. Click on Current MY and All divisions. Then Submit.

You will be prompted for you eAYSO login.

If all goes well you should get a message that "XX Players downloaded successfully".

Now we will start the upload process, first you must import the file created by WYS into the eAYSO Offline app.

A dialog will pop up to prompting you for the file, select the "PlayerTempate.csv" file you download from WYS.

If luck is with you you should get a message indicating the import was successful. If you get error messages here please report them.

If the import went well then the next step is to upload them to eAYSO.

And you will again need to login.

And this is the screen you really want to see at the end of this process, "Uploaded successfully"

Quit the eayso offline application had have a beer, you have earned it.